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iPRES is a series of conferences on digital preservation. Since 2004, iPRES conferences have been held on four continents.

Call for bids to host the iPRES conferences 2020-2022

  • iPRES 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 16 - 20, 2019
  • iPRES 2018 Boston, Massachusetts, US, September 24 - 28, 2018 (official site)
  • iPRES 2017 Kyoto, Japan, September 25 - 29, 2017 (official site)
  • iPRES 2016 Bern, Switzerland, October 3 - 6, 2016 (official site, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2015 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, November 2 - 6, 2015 (official site, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2014 Melbourne, Australia, October 6 - 10, 2014 (official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2013 Lisbon, Portugal, September 2 - 6, 2013 (official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2012 Toronto, Canada, October 1 - 5, 2012 (official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2011 Singapore, November 1 - 4, 2011(mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2010 Vienna, Austria, September 19 - 24, 2010(official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2009 San Francisco, CA, U.S.A., October 5 - 6, 2009(official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2008 London, United Kingdom, September 29 - 30, 2008(official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2007 Beijing, China, October 11 - 12, 2007(official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2006 Ithaca, NY, U.S.A, October 8 - 10, 2006 (official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2005 Göttingen, Germany, September 15 - 16 , 2005(official site, mirror, proceedings)
  • iPRES 2004 Beijing, China, July 14 - 16, 2004 (official site, mirror, proceedings)

Broad scope - The iPRES series embraces a variety of topics in digital preservation - from strategy to implementation, and from international and regional initiatives to small organisations. Within this broad topic area, each conference defines a slightly different focus.

Inclusive dialogue - A key element of iPRES conferences is their inclusiveness. Experts from all parts of the world contribute to the organisation, and the programme aims to embrace new perspectives.

Cooperative goals - Alongside a carefully designed official programme, participants have many opportunities for discussion with international colleagues. The iPRES series aims to foster international interaction and collaboration.

The iPRES series

Each iPRES conference has a different focus and convenes different participants. The local host shapes and organises the event with the assistance of a group of international experts, and in light of experiences from previous iPRES conferences.

The proceedings of all iPRES conferences can be found in the Phaidra Repository.

The iPRES steering group

The iPRES steering group consists of members from conference hosters which have participated in at least three conferences.

  • Andreas Rauber (Co-Chair of the iPRES Steering Group, Vienna University of Technology - VUT, Austria)
  • Stefan Strathmann (Co-Chair of the iPRES Steering Group, Göttingen State and University Library - SUB, Germany)
  • Jose Borbinha (INESC-ID, Portugal)
  • Raju Buddharaju (National Library Board, Singapore)
  • Shoichiro Hara (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Martin Klein (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Steve Knight (National Library of New Zealand)
  • Leo Konstantelos (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Cal Lee (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US)
  • Nancy McGovern (MIT Libraries, US)
  • Natalie Lee San Pang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • David Pearson (National Library of Australia)
  • Klaus Rechert (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany)
  • Seamus Ross (i-School, University of Toronto)
  • Barbara Signori (Swiss National Library)
  • Shigeo Sugimoto (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

The iPRES history
  • iPRES 2004 - Beijing, China
  • iPRES 2005 - Göttingen, Germany
  • iPRES 2006 - Cornell, USA
  • iPRES 2007 - Beijing, China
  • iPRES 2008 - London, United Kingdom
  • iPRES 2009 - San Francisco, USA
  • iPRES 2010 - Vienna, Austria
  • iPRES 2011 - Singapore
  • iPRES 2012 - Toronto, Canada
  • iPRES 2013 - Lisbon, Portugal
  • iPRES 2014 - Melbourne, Australia
  • iPRES 2015 - Chapel Hill, USA
  • iPRES 2016 - Bern, Switzerland

An invitation of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and eIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) in 2003 provided the initial impetus for the iPRES series. Eight European experts in digital preservation contributed to the first iPRES conference in Beijing, July 2004. After the completion of a successful conference in Beijing, the German Research Council (DFG) called for a follow-up event. The second iPRES conference, held in Göttingen in October 2005, was organised together with the German digital preservation network, nestor and with funding by the DFG and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). After conferences in Asia and Europe, iPRES continued in 2006 at Cornell, in North America.

For comments and suggestions on the iPRES series, please contact ipres-info(at)

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