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559,672 Canadian Libraries 213,291 University of Toronto - Robarts Library 98,380 University of Alberta Libraries 77,798 Microfilm 76,806 University of Alberta Libraries - The CIHM Monograph Collection 55,468 University of Ottawa More right-solid
8,957 mcgill university, daily publications society,, 3,078 government of british columbia 2,794 alberta. alberta education 1,752 university of toronto 1,214 ontario. legislative assembly 1,207 ontario ministry of the environment More right-solid
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The John P. Robarts Research Library, commonly referred to as Robarts Library, is the main humanities and social sciences library of the University of Toronto Libraries and the largest individual library in the university. Opened in 1973 and named for John Robarts, the 17th Premier of Ontario, the library contains more than 4.5 million bookform items, 4.1 million microform items and 740,000 other items. The library building is one of the most significant examples of brutalist architecture in...
University of Alberta Libraries collection 98,380 ITEMS 32.2M VIEWS collection
eye 32.2M
The University of Alberta (U of A) is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first premier of Alberta and Henry Marshall Tory, its first president, it is widely recognized as one of the best universities in Canada. The main campus covers 50 city blocks with over 90 buildings directly across the North Saskatchewan River from downtown Edmonton. The University of Alberta library system, received a tremendous boost...
University of Alberta Libraries - The CIHM Monograph Collection collection 76,806 ITEMS 30.4M VIEWS collection
eye 30.4M
A collection of publications dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians, scanned from microfiche: The CIHM Monograph Collection represents an important part of our national story. It is a collection of publications dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians. To facilitate access, users can easily browse through the collection by topic: Arts and...
Topic: University of Alberta - The CIHM Monograph Collection
University of Ottawa collection 55,468 ITEMS 29.8M VIEWS collection
eye 29.8M
Since 1848 the University of Ottawa has been Canada's university. Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the University has emerged as a vibrant "centre of learning", with a total population including students, teaching and support staff - of 40,000. The largest bilingual university in North America, the University is a major player in the cultural and economic development of the National Capital Region. Livres de l’Université d’Ottawa L’Université d’Ottawa est...
University of Toronto - Gerstein Science Information Centre collection 26,717 ITEMS 25.9M VIEWS collection
eye 25.9M
The Gerstein Science Information Centre is the University of Toronto's flagship library supporting the sciences and health sciences. The largest science and health science academic library in Canada, Gerstein has a collection of over 945,000 print volumes of journals and books, and also provides access to over 100,000 online journals and books. The Gerstein Science Information Centre's collection consists primarily of material on the sciences, including the health sciences, medicine, physics,...
University of Toronto - John M. Kelly Library collection 15,185 ITEMS 20.1M VIEWS collection
eye 20.1M
The John M. Kelly Library is the largest federated college library at UofT. It is also one of more than 40 libraries at the university. Although our collections cover a wide range of subjects, we tend to focus on humanities disciplines including Catholic theology, the Middle Ages, book history and media, Celtic Studies, and English, French, Italian, Slavic and German literature. The John M. Kelly Library's print collection of over 300,000 volumes is developed in support of undergraduate...
PIMS - University of Toronto collection 9,336 ITEMS 8.3M VIEWS collection
eye 8.3M
“The Pontifical Institute has long appeared to observers to be the most substantial centre of medieval scholarship in North America.” —GEORGE HOLMES, Chichele Professor of Medieval History, All Souls College, Oxford The Institute Library, which opened in 1929 with a mere 3,000 titles donated by St Michael’s College, today has holdings of about 120,000 volumes whose lustre is enhanced and complemented by specialized collections of 9,000 reels of microfilm and 50,000 slides. The...
Canadian Government Publications Portal collection 2,744 ITEMS 7.7M VIEWS collection
eye 7.7M
Internet Archive Canada, with advice and assistance from government and university librarians across Canada, have digitized more than 20,000 Canadian Government publications and made them freely available online. This page is meant to serve as a portal for discovering publications digitized by Internet Archive Canada, to be a reference for future digitization initiatives and provide incentive to grow the list of titles that have been preserved and dedicated to the public domain. Beginning in...
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library collection 19,256 ITEMS 6.2M VIEWS collection
eye 6.2M
The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is a library in the University of Toronto, constituting the largest repository of publicly accessible rare books and manuscripts in Canada. Among the collection's items are the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493), Shakespeare's First Folio (1623), Newton's Principia (1687), and Darwin's proof copy (with annotations) of On the Origin of Species (1859). Other collections include Babylonian cuneiform tablet from Ur (1789 B.C.), 36 Egyptian papyrus manuscript fragments...
University of Victoria Libraries Collection collection 35,362 ITEMS 5.2M VIEWS collection
eye 5.2M
The University of Victoria Libraries includes the William C. Mearns Centre for Learning / McPherson Library, the Diana M. Priestly Law Library in the Fraser Building, and the Curriculum Library in the MacLaurin Building. Materials for this collection provided by: University of Victoria Libraries
Daily Colonist Newspaper Collection collection 30,787 ITEMS 5.1M VIEWS collection
eye 5.1M
A special project of the University of Victoria Library's Digital Collections. Digitized versions of The Daily Colonist. More information about The Daily Colonist and it's related titles can be found on the project's website, The British Colonist .
John W. Graham Library, Trinity College collection 2,981 ITEMS 3.5M VIEWS collection
eye 3.5M
The John W. Graham Library at Trinity College is part of the University of Toronto library system and open to all members of the University. Its roots go back to 1828, and today it occupies a heritage building renewed for the 21st century. The Graham Library's collection of more than 200,000 volumes is strongest in international relations, ethics, and the humanities, as well as theological disciplines and resources related to the Anglican Church. Materials for this collection provided by: John...
Centre d'études du 19e siècle français - Joseph Sablé - Centre for 19th Century French Studies collection 7,848 ITEMS 3.3M VIEWS collection
eye 3.3M
The Sablé Collection for 19th Century French Studies is located within the Rare Book collection at the John M. Kelly Library and contains over 500 books by and about Émile Zola. The Sablé Collection is comprised of some 12,000 volumes (most of them in original edition) on French Romanticism and French history and society in the 19th century. The collection also contains a number of period journals available in printed editions and on microfilm. The Zola Collection includes all of Emile...
Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change collection 9,509 ITEMS 2.6M VIEWS collection
eye 2.6M
Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has been protecting Ontario’s environment for over 40 years. Using stringent regulations, targeted enforcement and a variety of innovative programs and initiatives, the ministry continues to address environmental issues that have local, regional and/or global effects. Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is responsible for protecting clean and safe air, land and water to ensure healthy communities, ecological...
The Ontario Council of University Libraries and Member Libraries collection 16,637 ITEMS 2.5M VIEWS collection
eye 2.5M
The Ontario council of University Libraries is a consortium of twenty-one university libraries in the province of Ontario. The member libraries cooperate to enhance information services through resource sharing, collective purchasing, document delivery and many other similar activities. OCUL’s vision is to be a recognized leader in provincial, national and international post-secondary communities for the collaborative development and delivery of outstanding and innovative library services...
Music - University of Toronto collection 4,531 ITEMS 2.3M VIEWS collection
eye 2.3M
Our music library is one of the best in North America, boasting a collection of over 250,000 volumes and 160,000 recordings. We also provide access to an ever-expanding number of electronic journals and resources. We are located in one of the world's most vibrant, multicultural, and arts-oriented cities, and situated next door to the Royal Ontario Museum and the Royal Conservatory of Music. Based on publications and citations, the University of Toronto leads Canadian research universities in...
OISE/UT Library collection 2,182 ITEMS 2.2M VIEWS collection
eye 2.2M
OISE is recognized as a global leader in graduate programs in teaching and learning, continuing teacher education, and education research. We are the largest and most research-intensive institute of education in Canada and one of the largest in North America. For more than a century, OISE has helped to transform education in Ontario, throughout Canada and around the world.
 Material for this collection provided by: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto collection 405,147 ITEMS 2M VIEWS collection
eye 2M
The University of Toronto Library , one of the top 3 Research and Academic Libraries in North America, hosts a scanning center that is leveraged by many Canadian libraries. Established in 1827, the University of Toronto has one of the strongest research and teaching faculties in North America, presenting top students at all levels with an intellectual environment unmatched in depth and breadth on any other Canadian campus. With more than 75,000 students across three campuses (St. George,...
Emmanuel College Library, Victoria University collection 1,417 ITEMS 1.9M VIEWS collection
eye 1.9M
Located on the campus of Victoria University in the Emmanuel College building, Emmanuel Library is one of the most beautiful libraries at the University of Toronto. It provides a tranquil setting for studying and research. The collection includes approximately 80,000 items, and contains books, journals, and electronic and audio-visual materials in theology and Christianity, which support graduate studies at Emmanuel College. Materials for this collection provided by: Emmanuel College Library,...
E.J. Pratt Library collection 1,588 ITEMS 1.9M VIEWS collection
eye 1.9M
Located on the Victoria University campus, the E.J. Pratt Library collection numbers approximately 250,000 items and contains books, periodicals, documents, pamphlets and specialized material, excluding theology, which support undergraduate studies at Victoria University. General Collections include: Canadian Studies Classics English French German literature History Near Eastern Studies Philosophy Political Science Religious Studies Special Collections Include: William Blake Samuel Taylor...
Queen's University Library collection 9,990 ITEMS 1.8M VIEWS collection
eye 1.8M
As the top-ranked university library in its category for number of holdings per student, the Library’s collections compare favourably with the very top Canadian research libraries. University investment in acquisitions, combined with the power of consortial purchasing of digital information resources through the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL-Scholars Portal), have contributed to a dramatic expansion of the Library’s...
The University of British Columbia Library collection 2,868 ITEMS 1.7M VIEWS collection
eye 1.7M
The University of British Columbia Library stands out as a leading institution in North America and a high-ranking member of the Association of Research Libraries ( ARL ). The Library's collections include 5.8 million volumes, 5.3 million microforms, more than 833,000 maps, audio, video and graphic materials, and more than 80,000 serial titles. Digital initiatives include collecting and providing long-term access to electronic publications and archival records, providing new and more efficient...
York University Libraries collection 3,145 ITEMS 1.7M VIEWS collection
eye 1.7M
York University is now Canada's third largest university, world-renowned for attracting students who forge their own unique paths. A community of faculty, students and staff committed to academic freedom, social justice, accessible education, and collegial self-governance, York University makes innovation its tradition. Materials for this collection provided by: York University
The University of Western Ontario collection 2,980 ITEMS 1.2M VIEWS collection
eye 1.2M
Located in London, Ontario and founded in 1878, The University of Western Ontario is one of Canada's oldest universities. Western is committed to its mission of providing the best student experience among Canada's leading research-intensive universities. A vibrant centre of learning, Western is home to approximately 3,500 full-time faculty and staff members and approximately 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Through its 12 Faculties, and three affiliated Colleges, the University...
Sessional Papers of Canada Collection collection 3,113 ITEMS 1.2M VIEWS collection
eye 1.2M
The Sessional Papers of the Dominion of Canada-- Sessional Papers are reports and papers which have been tabled in the House of Commons (and sometimes the Senate) and deposited with the Clerk. These papers include annual reports of government departments and boards, the Estimates, the Public Accounts, and the reports of the Royal Commissions. Material for this collection has been provided by Robarts Library, University of Toronto; Toronto Public Library: Research and Reference Libraries ; Brian...
University of Toronto Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library collection 4,652 ITEMS 1.2M VIEWS collection
eye 1.2M
The history of the East Asian Library goes back a long time. In 1933, the Rev. William C. White, former Anglican Bishop of Henan, China, heard of a fine Chinese library for sale. It consisted of about 40,000 volumes collected by a scholar Mr. Mu Hsueh Hsun (1880 - 1929). He was the former secretary at the German Legation in Peking. Bishop White immediately put in an offer of $10,500 which was accepted. Then Bishop White, Dr. Sigmund Samuel, Sir Robert Mond, and Professor John C. Ferguson put...
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada collection 3,033 ITEMS 1.2M VIEWS collection
eye 1.2M
Publications contributed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Canadian Agriculture Library) Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada (Bibliothèque canadienne de l'agriculture) a contribué les publications. English Français
Toronto Public Library collection 846 ITEMS 1.1M VIEWS collection
eye 1.1M
The Toronto Reference Library (previously the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library) is a six storey facility in Toronto, Ontario, opened in 1977. The library was designed by architect Raymond Moriyama and is part of the Toronto Public Library system, but its collection is mostly non-circulating. Now part of the the larger Toronto Public Library system, prior to 1998, it operated separately. It is one of three large libraries in the city, which includes the Robarts Library at the University of...
Statistics Canada, Statistique Canada collection 2,725 ITEMS 1M VIEWS collection
eye 1M
Census Publications, Publications des recensements. Books contributed by Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada Library / bibliothèque de Statistique Canada Statistics Canada, a member of the Industry Portfolio, produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country—its population, resources, economy, society and culture. In addition to conducting a Census every five years, there are about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life. Materials for this...
Regis College Library collection 966 ITEMS 990,214 VIEWS collection
eye 990,214
Regis College is the Jesuit Faculty of Theology at the University of Toronto, one of North America's Roman Catholic ecclesiastical faculties. Inspired by the charism of St. Ignatius of Loyola and faithful to the Roman Catholic tradition, Regis serves women and men called to minister to people of many faiths and cultures. Central to our mission is the affirmation of our Jesuit/Ignatian heritage as we continue to form candidates coming to us in preparation for ordination. As well, we are a...
Library and Archives Canada - Bibliothèque et Archives Canada collection 834 ITEMS 962,722 VIEWS collection
eye 962,722
Books from Library and Archives Canada - Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Topic: government documents, federal, provincial, journals, senate, public accounts, house of commons,...
Canadian Trade Journals Collection collection 938 ITEMS 925,244 VIEWS collection
eye 925,244
A collection of Canadian Trade Journals and Catalogues provided by the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library and the Toronto Public Library. Farmer's Magazine, March 1913 Canadian Home Journal, September 1920 Men's Wear Review, 1921 See a Tag Cloud for Trade Journals and Catalogues.
McGill University Library collection 14,977 ITEMS 898,442 VIEWS collection
eye 898,442
The McGill University Library holds more than seven million items in its various collections, which are located in numerous branches across McGill’s downtown and Macdonald campuses. Receiving over 5 million visits annually, and millions more visits online, it is an invaluable support system for the McGill community, with rich collections, comprehensive information resources, innovative services and attractive, comfortable facilities. For more information: Materials for...
Topic: McGill University Library Digitized Title
University of Toronto Archives collection 5,181 ITEMS 816,084 VIEWS collection
eye 816,084
The University of Toronto Archives was established in 1965 as a unit within the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections. Its antecedents, however, date back much further to the Art Room in what is now the Science and Medicine Library. It has been located on the fourth floor of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library since 1972. Along with the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, it forms part of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto Libraries. The...
Brock University collection 876 ITEMS 781,264 VIEWS collection
eye 781,264
Located at the centre of Canada's beautiful Niagara Peninsula in St. Catharines, Ont., Brock University is the only Canadian university with the distinction of being part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The University offers strong undergraduate, graduate and interdisciplinary degree programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to a student population of more than 17,000. Brock University graduates continue to enjoy one of the highest employment rates of all Ontario...
John M. Kelly Library: Special Collections and Archives collection 1,350 ITEMS 766,875 VIEWS collection
eye 766,875
The Rare Books Collections include most works owned by the Library which were published before 1850 as well as later works which are exceptionally valuable, are numerically scarce, or have significant provenance. The collections are strongest in Catholic history and theology and in French literature. Collection Highlights: Counter-Reformation Collection John Henry Newman Collection G.K. Chesterton Collection Marshall McLuhan Collection Soulerin Collection USMC Publications Collection Sablé...
University of Alberta Libraries Education Curriculum Guides collection 3,083 ITEMS 762,936 VIEWS collection
eye 762,936
Print versions of this unique collection of Alberta Education curriculum guides and programs of study are housed in the Curriculum Historical Collection at the H.T. Coutts Education and Physical Education Library . These resources are of interest to researchers in all programs in the Faculty of Education. Digitization of these items now enables many more researchers to search and obtain access to these historical documents. Search University of Alberta Education Guides:
Government of Alberta Publications Collection collection 14,418 ITEMS 750,052 VIEWS collection
eye 750,052
Government of Alberta Publications Collection.
University of Toronto - Mississauga collection 766 ITEMS 680,734 VIEWS collection
eye 680,734
Books from the University of Toronto, UTM Library at Mississauga.
Engineering - University of Toronto collection 371 ITEMS 674,931 VIEWS collection
eye 674,931
Engineering - University of Toronto
Sessional Papers of Canada by Volume, English collection 594 ITEMS 662,580 VIEWS collection
Sessional Papers of Canada by Volume. Material published in English.
The Legislative Assembly of Ontario Collection collection 928 ITEMS 590,153 VIEWS collection
eye 590,153
Situated in the Legislative Building's north wing, the Library traces its roots back to 1792 when it began as the parliamentary Library of Upper Canada. It now provides timely, professional and comprehensive information and research services to Members of the Provincial Parliament (MPPs), legislative committees and Legislative Assembly officials. While not open to the public, the Library makes a number of information papers available online and works with other libraries to ensure that unique...
Carleton University Library collection 597 ITEMS 585,780 VIEWS collection
eye 585,780
Welcome to Carleton University, Canada’s capital university! Situated on a beautiful campus bordered by the sparkling Rideau River and Canal, Carleton is just minutes from the heart of our nation’s government and enjoys easy access to the many organizations, associations and businesses which thrive in Ottawa. Many of Ontario’s leading high tech companies surround our campus where cutting-edge research joins with highly innovative teaching to solve real-life problems. Members of a dynamic,...
Earth Sciences University of Toronto collection 362 ITEMS 567,754 VIEWS collection
eye 567,754
Materials for this collection provided by: Earth Sciences Library University of Toronto.
University of Guelph collection 606 ITEMS 533,060 VIEWS collection
eye 533,060
The University of Guelph is ranked as one of Canada's top comprehensive universities because of our commitment to student learning and innovative research. We are dedicated to cultivating the essentials for our quality of life - water, food, environment, animal and human health, community, commerce, culture and learning. The University community also shares a profound sense of social responsibility, an obligation to address global issues and a concern for international development. Ontario...
Documents de la session de la Puissance du Canada collection 799 ITEMS 500,078 VIEWS collection
eye 500,078
Documents de la session de la Puissance du Canada. 1869-1925.
Caven Library, Knox College collection 372 ITEMS 471,654 VIEWS collection
eye 471,654
Special collections of the Caven Library include the McKay Educational Resources collection, the Walter Allum Preaching Library and Rare Books Collection. The McKay Educational Resource Centre A continuing resource for students, primarily in the Christian Education concentration at Knox College. This collection specializes in materials, both books and audio visuals, relating to Christian Education, particularly curricula used by the Presbyterian Church in Canada as well as audio visual...
University of Guelph Scottish Studies Collections collection 409 ITEMS 461,777 VIEWS collection
eye 461,777
The University of Guelph’s Scottish collection is one of the finest in the world. Interest in building Scottish and Scottish-Canadian holdings began after 1965 when the University of Guelph was established. Over the years, the Library has established rare book, manuscript, and archival resources which have gained national recognition. Among the monographic holdings there are numerous guidebooks and travel accounts and local histories relating to all areas of Scotland that contain fascinating...
McGill Student Publications collection 9,868 ITEMS 450,557 VIEWS collection
eye 450,557
The McGill Student publications collection comprises a variety of publications from 1875 to 2001. The chief long-standing student newspaper at McGill, The McGill Daily, was founded in 1911. It had been preceded by the McGill (University) Gazette, the McGill Fortnightly, the McGill Outlook and the (McGill) Martlet.
Topic: McGill Student Publications
Carleton University - Archives and Research Collections collection 526 ITEMS 439,952 VIEWS collection
eye 439,952
Archives and Research Collections (ARC) was established in 2008. Its purpose is to serve research, teaching, and learning at Carleton University. ARC actively pursues, acquires, and makes available (regardless of format) archival collections from individuals, associations, and organizations. ARC also provides ongoing practicum education opportunities for students. The rare book collection in ARC acquires material by actively purchasing items to support academic research and teaching at the...
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Vins Rouges
  • Rouge du Canada
    • Osoyoos Larose
      Colombie-Britannique, V.Q.A. Vallée de l'Okanagan, 2012, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Petit verdot
  • Rouges d'Argentine
    • Norton Bodega, Barrel Select
      Mendoza, D.O.C. Lujan de Cuyo, 2014, Malbec
    • M Blend, Alma Negra
      I.G.P. Argentine, 2014, Bonarda, Malbec
    • Norton Bodega, Privada
      Mendoza, D.O.C. Luan de Cuyo, 2013, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Clos de Los Siete, Michel Rolland
      Mendoza, I.G.P. Vallée d'Uco, 2013, Malbec, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet sauvignon
  • Rouges des États-Unis
    • Match Book
      Californie, Yolo County, A.V.A. Dunnigan Hills, 2013, Syrah, Petit verdot, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Back House Winery, Back House
      A.V.A Californie, 2014, Pinot Noir
    • Stonehedge Winery
      A.V.A. Californie, 2014, Syrah
    • McManis Family Vineyards
      A.V.A. Californie, 2014, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Constentino Winery, The Dark
      Californie, Central Valley, A.V.A. Lodi, 2014, petite syrah, petit verdot
    • Foxglove
      Californie, Central-Coast, San Luis Obispo County, A.V.A. Paso Robles, 2014, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Parducci
      North Coast, A.V.A.Mendocino County, 2014, Zinfandel
    • Cannon Ball
      Californie, North Coast, A.V.A. Sonoma County, 2014, Merlot
    • Francis Coppola, Ivory Label, Diamond Collection
      A.V.A. Californie, 2014, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Angels & Cowboys, Proprietary Red
      Californie, North Coast, A.V.A. Sonoma County, 2014, Zinfandel, Malbec, Cabernet
    • Slingshot
      Californie, North Coast, Napa County, A.V.A. Napa Valley, 2014, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Director's Cut, Cinema, Francis Ford Coppola
      Californie, North Coast, A.V.A. Sonoma County, 2012, Cabernet sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petite syrah, Syrah
  • Rouge de la Nouvelle-Zélande
    • Delta
      île du Sud, Malborough, 2012, Pinot noir
  • Rouges d'Espagne
    • Bodegas Volver, Paso a Paso
      D.O. Castilla la Mancha, 2016, Tempranillo
    • Laderas de El Sequé, Artadi
      I.G.P. Levant, 2013, Monastrell, Syrah
    • Montecillo, Reserva
      D.O.C. Rioja Alta, 2009, Tempranillo, Grenache
    • Torres, Celeste, Crianza
      Castille-Léon, D.O. Ribera Del Duero, 2013, Tempranillo
    • Bodegas Vetus, Flor de vetus
      Castille-Léon, D.O. Toro, 2015, Tempranillo
    • Alta Alella, Gx
      Catalogne, D.O. Alella, 2015, Grenache
    • Celler de Capcanes, Vall del Calas
      Catalogne, D.O. Montsant, 2013, Merlot, Grenache
    • Parès Baltà, Mas Irène
      Catalogne, D.O. Penedès, 2014, Cabernet franc, Merlot
    • Domino do Bibei, Lalama
      Galice, D.O. Ribeira sacra, 2011, Mencia, Grenache
  • Rouges d'Italie
    • Collefrisio
      Abruzze, D.O.C.Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2015, Montepulciano
    • Castello del Poggio
      Piémont, D.O.C.G. Barbera d'Asti, 2013, Barbera
    • Montresor, Capitel della Crosara
      Vénétie, D.O.C. Valpolicella Ripasso, 2013, Corvina, Rondinela, Molinera
    • Iole Grillo
      Frioul-Vénétie julienne, D.O.C. Frioul Colli Orientali, 2013, Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso
    • La Fornace
      D.O.C. Rosso di Montalcino, 2014, Sangiovese grosso
    • Giacomo Borgogno & Figli
      Piémont, D.O.C. Dolcetto d'Alba, 2014, Dolcetto
    • Villa Rubini
      Frioul-Vénétie Julienne, D.O.C. Friuli Colli Orientali, 2012, Schioppettino
    • Giacomo Borgogno & Figli
      Piémont, D.O.C. Langue, 2014, Nebbiolo
    • Veglio Michelino & Figelio
      Piémont, D.O.C.G. Barolo, 2010, Nebbiolo
    • Novaia, Corte Vaona
      Vénétie, D.O.C. Amarone della Valpolicella, 2012, Corvina, rondinella, molinara
    • La Fornace
      Toscane, D.O.C.G. Brunello di Montalcino, 2007, Sangiovese grosso
    • Fattoria La Gerla
      Toscane, D.O.C.G. Brunello di Montalcino, 2012, Sangiovese
    • I Fabbri, Gran Selexione
      Toscane, D.O.C.G. Chianti Classico, 2011, Sangiovese
    • Tramonto d'Oca, Poggio Bonelli
      I.G.P. Toscane, 2010, Petit verdot
    • Orma
      I.G.P. Toscane, 2013, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc
    • Tenuta Sette Ponti, Oreno
      I.G.T. Toscane, 2014, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon
  • Rouges du Portugal
    • Jose Maria Da Fonseca, Périquita Réserva
      I.G.P. Peninsula de Setubal, 2012, Castelao, Touriga nacional, Touriga francesa
    • Lavradores de feitoria
      D.O.C. Douro, 2014, Touriga franca, Tinta roriz, Touriga nacional, Tinta barroca
  • Rouge de l'Uruguay
    • Casa Magrez
      Canelones, 2012, Tannat, Cabernet franc, Merlot
  • Rouges de Bordeaux, France
    • Château des Pérails
      A.O.C. Bordeaux Supérieur, 2010, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Bernard Magrez, Château Pérenne
      A.O.C. Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux, 2012, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Bernard Magrez, Château Guerry
      Rive droite, Côtes de Bordeaux, A.O.C. Côtes de Bourg, 2012, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc
    • Château Divon, Lieu-dit-Divon
      Rive droite, Libournais, A.O.C. Saint-George-St-Émilion, 2010, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Château Plaisance, cuvée Alix, Bernard Magrez
      A.O.C Côtes de Bordeaux, 2010, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc
    • Château Doyac
      Rive gauche, A.O.C. Haut-Médoc, 2009, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Château Tour du Pas St-Georges, cuvée Âme St-Georges
      Rive droite, Libournais, A.O.C. Saint-Georges-St-Émilion, 2004, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Carmenère, Petit verdot, Malbec
    • Château La Rose Côtes Rol, Lieu-dit-Faurie
      Rive droite, A.O.C. Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, 2009, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Château La Rose Côtes Rol, Lieu-dit-Faurie
      Rive droite, A.O.C. Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, 2005, Merlot, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon
    • Villa des Crus
      Rive gauche, Médoc, A.O.C. Margaux, 2010, Merlot, Cabernet franc
  • Rouges de la Bourgogne, France
    • Château de la Chaize, Caroline de Roussy de Sales
      Beaujolais, A.O.C. Brouilly, 2011, Gamay
    • Pascal Clément
      Côte de Beaune, A.O.C. Savigny-Les-Beaune, Pinot noir
  • Rouges du Languedoc-Roussillon, France
    • Montpeyroux, Comtes de Rocquefeuil
      A.O.C. Coteaux du Langudeoc, 2015, Carignans, Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre
    • Un Baiser de Talayran
      A.O.C. Corbières, 2012, Carignan, Syrah, Grenache
    • Domaine des Quatre Pierres, El Pépé
      V.D.P. France, Carignan
    • Mas Neuf, Armonio
      I.G.P. D'oc, Languedoc-Roussillon, 2011, Grenache noir, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot
  • Rouges de la Provence, France
    • Domaine les Béates, Les Béatines
      A.O.C. Coteaux d'Aix en Provence, 2013, Grenache, Syrah, Carignan
  • Rouges de la Vallée de la Loire, France
    • FX BARC, La petite timonerie
      A.O.C. Chinon, 2015, Cabernet franc
    • Domaine Vincent Delaporte, Chavignol
      Vignoble du centre, A.O.C. Sancerre, 2014, Pinot noir
  • Rouges de la Vallée du Rhône, France
    • François Villard, L'appel des Sereines
      I.G.P. Côte du Rhône, 2015, Syrah
    • Pierre-Henri Morel
      Rhône Méridionale, A.O.C. Lubéron, 2015, Grenache, Syrah