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  (găn′dər) n. 1. A male goose. 2. Informal A look or glance: "Everyone turns and takes a gander at the yokels" (Garrison Keillor). 3. Informal A simpleton; a ninny. [Middle English, from Old English gandra ; see ghans- in Indo-European roots .]


( ˈɡændə ) n 1. (Zoology) a male goose 2. informal a quick look (esp in the phrase take ( or have) a gander) 3. informal a simpleton [Old English gandra, ganra; related to Low German and Dutch gander and to gannet]


(ˈgæn dər)

n. 1. the male of the goose. Compare goose (def. 2). 2. a silly person; goose. 3. Slang. a look: Take a gander at his new shoes. [before 1000; Middle English; Old English gan(d) ra, c. Middle Low German ganre; akin to goose ]


(ˈgæn dər)

n. a town in E Newfoundland, in Canada: airport on the great circle route between New York and N Europe. 10,207.


1. Male goose. 2. A quick look. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words Synonyms Legend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. gander - mature male goose gander - mature male goose       goose - web-footed long-necked typically gregarious migratory aquatic birds usually larger and less aquatic than ducks


noun 1. Informal. A quick look: blush , glance , glimpse , peek , peep . 2. Informal. One deficient in judgment and good sense: ass , fool , idiot , imbecile , jackass , mooncalf , moron , nincompoop , ninny , nitwit , simple , simpleton , softhead , tomfool . Informal: dope , goose . Slang: cretin , ding-dong , dip , goof , jerk , nerd , schmo , schmuck , turkey . Translations ذَكَر الأوَز houser gase Gänserich Ganter Ganser hanhivilkaisu jars gúnár gæsarsteggur papero žąsinas zostēviņš uil uilskuiken gasse gąsior гусак gunár erkek kaz 雄鹅


[ˈgændəʳ] N 1. ( Zool ) → ganso m (macho) 2. to have or take a gander → echar un vistazo (at a)


[ˈgændə r ] n (= male goose ) → jars m


n → Gänserich m , → Ganter m (dial) (inf) to have or take a gander at something → auf etw (acc) → einen Blick werfen ; let’s have a gander! → gucken wir mal! (inf) ; (= let me/us look) → lass mal sehen !


[ˈgændəʳ] n ( Zool ) → oca maschio


( ˈgӕndə ) noun a male goose. gansmannetjie ذَكَر الأوَز гъсок ganso houser der Gänserich gase αρσενική χήνα ganso macho isahani غاز نر uroshanhi jars אווז नर बत्तख, हंस gusan gúnár angsa jantan gæsarsteggur papero ガチョウの雄 거위의 수컷 žąsinas zostēviņš angsa jantan gander gasse gąsior نر قاز ganso gâscan гусак gunár gosjak gusan gåskarl ห่านตัวผู้ erkek kaz 雄鵝 гусак نر بطخ con ngỗng đực 雄鹅

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References in classic literature ? I think (with deference be it spoken) the contrast could not be much greater between a sleek gander and a fierce falcon: between a meek sheep and the rough-coated keen-eyed dog, its guardian. View in context The yard was full of life now: Marty was letting the screaming geese through the gate, and wickedly provoking the gander by hissing at him; the granary-door was groaning on its hinges as Alick shut it, after dealing out the corn; the horses were being led out to watering, amidst much barking of all the three dogs and many "whups" from Tim the ploughman, as if the heavy animals who held down their meek, intelligent heads, and lifted their shaggy feet so deliberately, were likely to rush wildly in every direction but the right. View in context Lydgate relied much on the psychological difference between what for the sake of variety I will call goose and gander : especially on the innate submissiveness of the goose as beautifully corresponding to the strength of the gander . View in context There never was a goose so gray but sometime soon or late Some honest gander came her way and took her for his mate! View in context In the dee and retired channels of Tierra del Fuego, the snow-whit gander , invariably accompanied by his darker consort, an standing close by each other on some distant rocky point, i a common feature in the landscape. View in context When we lived at Henley, Barnes's gander was stole by tinkers. View in context And with what quill did the Secretary of the Society for the Suppression of Cruelty to Ganders formally indite his circulars? View in context There are lots of waste ground by the side of the roads in every village, amounting often to village greens, where feed the pigs and ganders of the people; and these roads are old-fashioned, homely roads, very dirty and badly made, and hardly endurable in winter, but still pleasant jog- trot roads running through the great pasture-lands, dotted here and there with little clumps of thorns, where the sleek kine are feeding, with no fence on either side of them, and a gate at the end of each field, which makes you get out of your gig (if you keep one), and gives you a chance of looking about you every quarter of a mile. View in context MINNEAPOLIS -- Gander Mountain's New Adventure Travel Service Relies on Experienced Associates to Give Customers Memorable Outdoor Vacations Customers Asked for Access - Gander Mountain Answered with Outdoor Expeditions The Openhouse concept is hosting pop up events as well as renting their spaces to major consumer brands that will be offered the option to stream their own events live on GANDER . Eyes on the Go, Inc. Streaming Inaugural Openhouse Gallery Event Live on Nasdaq: JDAS) announced that Gander Mountain, a leading specialty retailer that serves the needs of outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts, with a particular focus on hunting, fishing and camping, is implementing the workforce management solution from JDA Portfolio(R) that it licensed in the third quarter of 2004. Gander Mountain Implementing JDA Portfolio to Drive Efficient Workforce Management According to Megan Hayes, the Events Coordinator, "As one of the last bastions of activism in the East Village, Gander has helped us promote the causes that drive us. Eyes on the Go, Inc. Installs at the Yippie Museum and The Sidewalk Cafe -- Two New York Greenwich Village Institutions
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ganso canada

Giacca Giada Giada in Giappone
Canada Goose
canada goose jakker uk

Almohada de pluma de ganso, Pacific Coast®, tamaño Estándar, medio


Precio exclusivo para compras en línea.
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Item # 808682
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Color: Blanco
Dimensiones: 50.8 cm x 7.12 cm
Hilos: 360
Tamaño: Queen / Estándar
Marca: Pacific Coast

Excepcionalmente cómoda, maravillosamente suave, la almohada Pacific Coast® proporciona el apoyo que usted necesita. Elija entre tres niveles de confort: ya sea: suave, medio o firme; las almohadas le ofrecerán el descanso que usted merece.

Rellenas con lujosas e Hyperlimpias® plumas de ganso para un soporte ajustable durante la noche de acuerdo a la posición que adopte. Esto protegerá su cuello y le brindará una alineación sana para un grato descanso.

La funda de la almohada es de 100% algodón con 330 hilos. La misma es removible para una fácil limpieza. El recubrimiento de la almohada evita que las plumas se salgan. Pacific Coast® solo utiliza materiales de la más alta calidad asegurándole años de comodidad, incluso después de lavarlas y secarlas.


  • Soporte medio.
  • Todas las densidades se ajustan naturalmente a los cambios de posiciones a la hora de dormir para brindar mayor confort.
  • La densidad media es cómoda para cualquier posición a la hora de dormir.
  • La funda interior es 100% algodón de 230 hilos.
  • Instrucciones de cuidado: Lavar a máquina y secar. (Sugerencia: agregue dos pelotas de tenis a la secadora y la almohada se esponjará como si fuera nueva).
  • Hecho en Estados Unidos.

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