Golden Fowls goose

Growing up, the bird viewed its own magnificent size and golden plumage, and remembered that previously it had been a human being. Discovering that his wife and daughters were living on the charity of others, the mallard bethought him of his plumage like hammered and beaten gold and how by giving them a golden feather at a time he could enable his wife and daughters to live in comfort. So away he flew to where they dwelt and alighted on the top of the central beam of the roof. Seeing the Bodhisatta, the wife and girls asked where he had come from; and he told them that he was their father who had died and been born a golden mallard, and that he had come to visit them and put an end to their miserable n rckrfbjr. canada goose expeditionecessity of working for hire.


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Lawn Goose Designs Welcome
Lawn Goose Designs offers concrete lawn geese and goslings, and designer goose clothes and gosling outfits for all sizes and seasons. The pictures on the left are just a few examples of the many goose clothes and outfits we carry. The pictures below show the concrete lawn geese and goslings we offer. To enter our store, click here.

Painted Lawn Goose
25" Painted Goose
Unpainted Lawn Goose
25" Unpainted Goose*
Geese are concrete with rebar reinforced neck and weigh 65 lbs.
Shipping available. Please call for shipping details and cost.

Painted Concrete Gosling
9" Painted Gosling
Unpainted Cement Concrete Gosling
9" Unpainted Gosling*
Goslings are concrete and weight 8 lbs. Shipping available.
Please call for shipping details and cost.

*Photo for actual body style coming soon.
The body style is the same as painted photos.

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