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Consumer Panel Research Summary: March '09 Posted on Apr 29 2009 Mystery Shopper Jobs | Mystery Shopper | News >>

PAN Research recently carried out a nationwide survey on our panel of Irish Consumers. Here is a quick summary of some of the findings:

  • I will increasingly rely on the internet to research products & services I need?   93% Agree, 7% Disagree
  • I have no problem using my credit card to make a purchase on the internet?   84% Agree, 16% Disagree
  • Private health insurance offers good value for money?   33% Agree%, 67% Disagree
  • Where are you planning to holiday this summer?   47% Europe, 37% Ireland, 12% England
  • Reason resulting in you switching hair salon (top 3):   51% Friend Recommendation, 46% Cheaper, 42% Stylist moved
  • Which method do you think provides the cheapest car insurance?   52% Online, 29% Phone
  • Would you go to a pharmacy for a health screening check rather than a doctor?   39% Yes, 61% No   
  • Top 3 purchase decisions influenced by the Internet:   83% Renewal of Car/Home Insurance, Mobile phone purchase 78%, 72% Mobile phone Operator
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We have now signed up 600 consumers across Ireland to join our consumer panel. For more information or to join our panel, please click here


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Heeled shoes, although incredibly popular since invention,took a knock in France after Marie Antoinette excessive love for them put a dampener on the trendduring the French Revolution, and they were made lower for the rest of the century. While otherpopular styles came to the forefront during that time, it was only a matter of time before heels Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes made a sharp comeback. In the 50 the stiletto, invented in Italy and adopted by celebrities likeMarilyn Monroe, took the world by storm and changed the way we wore heels forever. Considering thatshoes started off as nothing more than leather held together with lace to stop feet from gettingscuffed, it impressive how theye evolved. These days shoes perform the exact same function, butwith flair. Wee got Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman (which literally cost millions Giuseppe Zanotti Boots a pair) and red soled Christian Louboutin. 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