Baby Duck or Goose Diaper

Baby Duck or Goose Diaper


Diapers designed just for baby ducks and geese. To determine what size your pet needs, measure your pet as shown in the last listing photo. Size chart is available in the full listing description.

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This listing is for a baby duck or goose diaper. To determine size, you need to take your pet's measurements as described in the last listing photo. Please read the entire listing for sizing information.

Need a cute diaper so your baby feathered friend can roam the house in style without making a mess? This is diaper is for you! This colorful fleece diaper can be lined with any absorbent material (toilet paper, panty liner, paper towel, fabric, etc.). Made with a waterproof lining, the diaper is adjustable with back strap to grow with your pet. 

SIZING - to match to size, measure as described in the last listing photo
XXS - 6 in to 7 in
XS - 8 in to 9in
S - 10 in to 12 in
M - 13 in to 15 in
L - 16 in to 18 in
XL - 19+ in (Largest size for Ducks)
XXL 22+ in (Pekin Ducks and Goslings Only)

Pick a color theme, or let us pick by gender

Diaper liners must be changed immediately each time they are dirtied. An unchanged dirty diaper can cause harm and lead to disease.
Hand Wash OR Machine Wash Gentle
Line Dry


MAKE TIME: 3 weeks
SHIPPING: USPS Priority 2-3 Day

If you need your order faster, please send me a message to request a Rush Order - depending on order volume at any given time, not all rush orders can be accommodated


PLEASE NOTE: Because of the combination of the nature of a diaper and the ease with which birds can carry/contract disease I CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS under any circumstance. I will not risk the health of my customers pets, or the health of my own pets, by taking returns or selling used diapers.
However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or trouble with your diaper. I will do everything I can for the best fit and experience possible! Diaper design may vary slightly from photos but quality and overall look will remain; availability of fabric colors is subject to change. Liners are not included.