Getting to and From the Vancouver International Airport canada gé vancouver

Getting to and from the Vancouver International Airport

A Guide for Getting to and from the Vancouver International Airport

Skytrain Bridge and Patullo Bridge, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
••• Skytrain, Vancouver, British Columbia. Peter Langer / Getty Images

The Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond, about 12 km (7.5 mi) from downtown Vancouver.

YVR is the second busiest airport in Canada, welcoming 20.3 million passengers in 2015, including arriving, departing and connecting travellers. In such a bustling airport, having a plan to get to where you're going can save a lot of hassle. 

Getting to or from the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) from downtown Vancouver is about a 20 minute car ride and not much more by public transport thanks to the Canada Line, a monorail type train that is part of Vancouver's efficient and reasonably priced public transportation system.

 You can conveniently access trains from both the International and Domestic Terminals and get to various locations in and around Vancouver.

Vancouver is a progressive town with a commitment to sustainable living - maybe more so than anywhere else in Canada and its commitment to excellent public transport is part of its green charm.

Nevertheless, if private transport is more your speed, lots of other options are available. 

Getting to & from downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver International Airport

  • Public Transit: The Canada Line has made getting to and from the Vancouver International  Airport by public transportation easy and affordable. This rapid rail service connects Metro Vancouver's busiest north-south corridor, linking downtown to Richmond and Vancouver International Airport. As of 2017, an adult fare from YVR to downtown Vancouver is about Cdn $7 to $10 depending on time of day and age of traveller. Access to the Canada Line is from within the airport terminal.
  • Taxis: Taxis servicing the Vancouver International Airport follow a set-rate fare zone system for reliable pricing. A taxi ride from the airport to central Vancouver takes about 30 mins and costs Cdn $26 (as of 2017). Set fares to other Vancouver locales range between $20 and $41. A $3 to $10 tip on top of this is standard (see more about Tipping in Canada). Taxi fares to the airport are based on the meter and from downtown Vancouver, including from the cruise ship terminal, are about $35.
  • Courtesy Shuttle: The Vancouver International Airport offers complimentary transit between the airport and many local hotels. The courtesy shuttle services numerous Richmond hotels but as of 2017, only one downtown Vancouver hotel.
  • Airporter used to offer scheduled bus service from YVR but stopped operating in September 2009.

Getting to Whistler from the Vancouver International Airport

Options for getting to Whistler from the airport include renting a car, reserving a limousine or taking the YVR Whistler SkyLynx. See detailed options for transportation between Whistler and the Vancouver International Airport.

Getting to the Cruise Port Terminal from the Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver's Cruise Port Terminal is in central downtown, so just follow the directions above for getting to and from downtown Vancouver and the airport.

Getting to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal from the Vancouver International Airport

Public transportation between the Tsawwassen ferry, which departs for Nanaimo and Victoria, requires taking the bus and Skytrain. You should allow at least an hour and a half for the journey. 

A taxi will take about 30 minutes and cost about $60. 

Getting to the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal from the Vancouver International Airport

Public transportation between the Horseshoe Bay ferry, which departs for Nanaimo, The Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island, requires taking the bus and Skytrain.

You should allow two hours for the journey. 

A taxi will take about 45 minutes and cost about $75 to $90.

Vancouver International Airport Address: 3211 Grant McConachie Way (see map)

Vancouver International Airport Website

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A Review of Therapeutic Abortions and Related Areas of Concern in Canada



To review the legal status of abortion and its prevalence, safety, and accessibility in Canada and to highlight related areas of concern.


We conducted a review of research literature, published reports, websites, and articles in order to describe abortion services and associated issues such as access, availability, and safety in Canada.


Therapeutic abortion is often the result of unintended pregnancy. Even so, emergency contraception may not be accessible for all Canadian women, and effective contraception is underutilized. In Canada, abortion has been decriminalized and is generally safe, but current reports of prevalence and complication rates are inconsistent. Abortion rates appear to be decreasing. Medical or surgical termination of pregnancy is available and often publicly funded. However, barriers related to time, cost, travel, and regional disparities hamper unrestricted access to therapeutic abortion in this country, and although the place of abortion in medical education remains controversial, current curriculum content appears to be inadequate.


The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada states that comprehensive family planning services, including therapeutic abortion, should be freely available to all. The Canadian Medical Association affirms that induced abortion should be uniformly available to all women. In Canada, the issues related to therapeutic abortion access, availability, and safety must be addressed.



Analyser le statut juridique de l’avortement et sa prévalence, son innocuité et son accessibilité au Canada, ainsi que souligner les sujets de préoccupation connexes.


Nous avons mené une analyse de la littérature de recherche, des rapports publiés, des sites Web et des articles afin de décrire les services d’avortement et les facteurs connexes (tels que l’accès, la disponibilité et l’innocuité) au Canada.


L’avortement thérapeutique est souvent le résultat d’une grossesse non prévue. Pourtant, ce ne sont pas toutes les Canadiennes qui peuvent obtenir accès à la contraception d’urgence et les moyens de contraception efficaces demeurent sous-utilisés. Au Canada, l’avortement a été décriminalisé et est généralement sûr, mais les rapports actuels traitant de sa prévalence et de ses taux de complication présentent des divergences. Les taux d’avortement semblent être en baisse. L’interruption médicale ou chirurgicale de la grossesse est disponible et bénéficie souvent d’un financement public. Toutefois, des obstacles liés au temps, aux coûts, aux déplacements et aux disparités régionales nuisent au libre accès à l’avortement thérapeutique au Canada, et bien que la place de l’avortement dans la formation médicale demeure controversée, le curriculum actuel en la matière semble être inadéquat.


La Société des obstétriciens et gynécologues du Canada déclare que des services exhaustifs de planification familiale (dont l’avortement thérapeutique) devraient être librement mis à la disposition de tous. L’Association médicale canadienne affirme que toutes les femmes devraient avoir uniformément accès à des services d’avortement provoqué. Au Canada, les questions liées à l’accessibilité, à la disponibilité et à l’innocuité de l’avortement thérapeutique doivent être débattues.

Key Words

termination of pregnancy
reproductive health
health services


Canadian Institute for Health Information
Canadian Medical Association
dilatation and evacuation
Project for an Ontario Women’s Health Evidence-Based Report

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