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MonaLisa Touch

The Real Patient Campaign

Patients were compensated for their product endorsement.

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What women are saying about MonaLisa Touch

Melinda’s Story

“It gave me back confidence. I don’t have to hold back anymore. I can be spunky, playful, confident, alive and vibrant!”

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Lisa’s Story

“It’s something that you can do without feeling scared that it’s going to make your breast cancer come back.”

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Dr. Karram

Physician shares his experience treating patients with the MonaLisa Touch.

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How it Works

During a treatment, a vaginal probe is inserted into the patient’s vagina, and delivers gentle, virtually painless laser energy to the vaginal wall, stimulating a healing response.
The total procedure takes less than five minutes, and a typical course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks.

Many women report symptom relief after the very first treatment, and even greater improvement after treatments 2 and 3!

Immediate & Lasting Results:

Three 5-minute treatments at 6 week intervals

  In-office procedure
  Minimal side effects
  No downtime
  Annual follow up treatment once a year*

* Your doctor will determine with you if follow-up treatments are required

Who is the MonaLisa Touch for?
• Post-menopausal women experiencing painful symptoms of menopause and challenges with intimacy.
• Any female that has undergone chemically or surgically induced menopause.
What to expect with procedure?
The in-office procedure is virtually painless, and typically lasts about 5 minutes.
How many treatments are needed?
Patients receive three 5 minute in-office treatments that are spaced six weeks apart.
When will I see results?
Many MonaLisa Touch patients feel improvement after the very first treatment, although the procedure calls for three.
What are the side effects?
There are virtually no side effects or discomfort with this treatment.
What happens after treatment?
Patients can return to normal activities after the treatment, but should refrain from sexual activity for 2-3 days. Your doctor will determine a post-procedure regimen that is right for you.

Why it’s Unique

MonaLisa Touch is the only technology for vaginal and vulvar health with
over 18+ published clinical studies. It is embraced by hundreds of experts in female pelvic health and premier academic institutions.

It is the only treatment with proprietary stacking technology that enables deeper penetration and helps achieve maximum results.

MonaLisa Touch In The News

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