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Goose is the most traditional choice of poultry for Christmas and is still reared today in much the same way as through the centuries. In small flocks, out in the open on free range, with grass meadows replacing the corn stubble fields.

Calling all restaurants
Goose provides a wonderful opportunity for seasonal meals during the autumn. Not only as roast goose for mains but it can be served in a variety of ways as a starter. Why not try serving smoked goose? When our member Nicola Chapman took this to food festivals in East Anglia, she sold out in 30 minutes!

Surprises all round at Murton
County cubtmcez. канадская гусиная куртка цена Durham member Judith Dryden hosted 40 farmers on a ‘busmen’s holiday’ at Murton Moor Farm. The geese – seen enjoying their morning feed - ‘were surprised to see the strangers and made a lot of noise,’ recalls Judith. For her part she was surprised to see among the visitors David Richardson, a Farmers Weekly correspondent.

Goosnargh becomes centre of goose world
The family business of Johnson & Swarbrick at Goosnargh, near Preston, Lancashire, hosted the annual farm visit of British Goose Producers. They are best known for their ducks and corn-fed chicken with a reputation among some top chefs. They began rearing geese 10 years ago and have also become one of the leading suppliers of goose feathers and down for high quality pillows and duvets.

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Goose recipes

Roast goose with apples and cider gravy

Roast goose with apples and cider gravy

By The Hairy Bikers

Goose has a wonderfully rich, buttery flavour, bordering on the beefy, thanks to its grass diet. It's certainly a fatty bird, but don't let that put you off - the flavour is worth it. The most popular strain of commercial goose is the Legarth, a white-feathered bird with a high meat-to-bone ratio. This breed is very well-suited to free-range grazing. The Embden is another white variety that shares similar characteristics. Geese, by their very nature, are all free-range, but some will, of course, be better reared than others.

Recipes using goose

Main course

  • Roast goose with apples and cider gravy Roast goose with apples and cider gravy

    By The Hairy Bikers
  • Roast goose with chickpea and lemon stuffing Roast goose with chickpea and lemon stuffing

    By Nigel Slater
  • South Indian goose stir-fry

    By Vivek Singh
  • Roast goose with festive rice stuffing and roast potatoes

    By Michel Roux Jr.
  • Goose risotto

    By The Hairy Bikers

Light meals & snacks

  • Roast goose breast with figs, fried potatoes and winter greens

    By Ben Tish

Side dishes

  • Bauble and squeak Bauble and squeak

    By Nigel Slater

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Buyer's guide

Supermarkets rarely sell geese, so the best place to source a goose is from a specialist producer or good-quality butcher. If you're ordering one for Christmas, make sure you get your order in four to six weeks beforehand to ensure you get exactly what you want. However, exact timings depend on the butcher or farmer in question.

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Soak in baking soda, if ... so it will smoke and not catch fire. This also keeps the goose, or duck, moist. Cook ... done. Goose will stay moist if wood is kept wet.

Take one 5-8 pound Canadian goose and stuff with quartered onion, ... smoker and let smoke 6-7 hours. For a roast beef flavor, slice the smoked goose and put the pieces ... and simmer 15 minutes.

Clean goose thoroughly. Remove wings, legs, skin, ... occasionally. Take out of brine, cover with gauze and cook in smoke oven. When done, serve cold - sliced thin.

Mix ingredients with one gallon of water. Soak goose in mixture for 1 week ... degrees for 2 hours with some moisture. Then bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes per pound.

In large gumbo pot, make a roux with oil and flour. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until roux is a dark caramel color. Remove from fire and add ...

Saute onion and celery in butter and add to bread cubes. Beat eggs and milk and mix well with filling. Add potatoes and meat, toss to mix. Stuff pig's stomach ...

In a 1 1/2 quart casserole place cut up cabbage. Put potatoes on top of cabbage. Put slices of sausage on top of potatoes. Pour mushroom soup over this, then ...

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