21 Adorable Pictures of Baby Geese baby goose

21 Adorable Pictures of Baby Geese

Toddling after their parents or playing with their siblings, baby geese are nothing if not adorable. And as long as you can manage to not upset the adults, they are relatively easy to photograph.

This way kids! baby geese goose gosling

This way kids! by Beverley Goodwin

The Ugly Duckling baby geese goose gosling

The Ugly Duckling by Basheer Tome

Listen baby geese goose gosling

Listen by Ben Grey

Fuzzy wuzzy baby goose geese gosling

Fuzzy wuzzy baby goose by Ducklover Bonnie

Gosling baby geese goose

Gosling by Jlhopgood

Goslings! baby geese goose

Goslings! by Michael Gil

baby geese goose gosling May 14, 2006: Happy Mother's Day

May 14, 2006: Happy Mother’s Day by Matt McGee

Cute baby goose geese gosling

Cute baby goose by Tambako The Jaguar

Afternoon March baby geese goose gosling

Afternoon March by Chung Ho Leung

Cute fluffy goose chick baby geese gosling

Cute fluffy goose chick by Tambako The Jaguar

baby goose gosling Who Doesn't Like Baby Geese?

Who Doesn’t Like Baby Geese? by Jim Bauer

Goslings baby geese goose

Goslings by Don McCullough

On Golden River baby geese goose gosling

On Golden River by Matt McGee

baby geese goose gosling "I didn't know you wear contacts." "Just keep looking, keep looking!!"

“I didn’t know you wear contacts.” “Just keep looking, keep looking!!” by Lori Lafargue

Pesky Pecker baby geese goose gosling

Pesky Pecker by Michael Gil

Baby Geese in a row goose gosling

Baby Geese in a row by Tyler

The snuggle baby geese goose gosling

The snuggle by Ducklover Bonnie

baby geese gosling School begins for the young Canada Goose: Lesson One is "How to Hiss"

School begins for the young Canada Goose: Lesson One is “How to Hiss” by Ducklover Bonnie

Hitching a Ride baby geese goose gosling

Hitching a Ride by pipilongstockings

A herd of Goslings baby geese goose

A herd of Goslings by Ed Brambley

Happy Mother's Day baby geese goose gosling

Happy Mother’s Day by Chung Ho Leung

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baby goose

mens kanada goose takki
venda de ganso de canada
canada goose victoria

Goose and gander team up to fend off swan who tried to steal their baby

A sneaky swan had the shock of its life when it tried to pluck a baby goose away from its parents, as mum and dad fought off the intruder.

Goose and gander team up to fend off swan who tried to steal their baby
Take THAT, swanny (Photo: Caters)

The swan swooped in and snapped up the gosling while its mother’s back was turned as she was searching for food.

But when the gosling’s parents saw it was in trouble they launched a frantic air strike on the swan, biting its wing. They continued to slam their beaks into the bigger bird’s head and body for several minutes, eventually forcing it to release their terrified offspring from its grip.

The images were captured by photographer Felix Buscher, 56, who said the gosling that  survived the ordeal is happily swimming around the Rieselfelder Nature Reserve in Münster, Germany, where the battle took place. He said: ‘I’ve been back to check on the fledglings and even the one caught in the swan’s mighty beak is okay.

‘The swan attacked the baby goose out of  nowhere. Wildly flapping its wings about the water it just stole the gosling from under its mother’s nose.

‘I had not noticed the swan at first because I was concentrating on the goose and her fledglings. But when the furious geese rushed at the swan, which defended itself vehemently, an  almighty fight broke out.

‘The fight continued with birds jumping on one another and there was a lot of splashes. The other little geese swam closer to their nest for safety – they were clearly frightened.

‘I have never seen anything this dramatic while taking photos of nature – usually the subjects I shoot are very tranquil. But it is great that everything has ended well.’



tribe of birds, use Q16529344 for "goose"
Canada goose flight cropped and NR.jpg
Canada goose
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Anseriformes
Family: Anatidae
Subfamily: Anserinae
Tribe: Anserini
Where she goes, they go: the result of imprinting
Migrating geese

Goose (plural geese) is the general English name for a large number of long-necked birds, belonging to the family Anatidae.

This family also includes the swans, which are mostly larger than geese, and the ducks, which are smaller and have short necks.

Both as chicks and as adults, geese show collective animal behaviour. Geese migrate in groups in the spring and fall, flying together in a V-shape.

A male goose is called a "gander" and a baby goose is called a "gosling". A group of geese is called a "gaggle".

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